Social Security: What’s your number?

One of the steps in the financial planning process for my clients is to create their account on the official Social Security website and learn what their estimated benefits are based on their reported work record.  I know they send out the annual statements, but sometimes we move, and the Social Security administration doesn't catch … Continue reading Social Security: What’s your number?

Retirement Savings Accounts

I spend quite a lot of time on this blog talking about saving for retirement.  However, until today, I haven't spent any time clarifying WHERE to put that savings.  What exactly is a retirement account? Where does one find these accounts to use for that retirement savings?  How do I choose if I have more … Continue reading Retirement Savings Accounts

Prevent Cracks in Your Nest Egg

As 2018 draws to a close and you look at retirement savings goals for 2019, I want to offer some thoughts on your nest egg beyond just "Save, Save, Save!" into those 401(k) and IRA accounts.

Financial thoughts on turning 25

Today, on the 25th birthday of my favorite son, I happened to open Vanguard's new brochure about low-cost index investing.  OK, yeah, so he's my only son.  Anyway, page 11 seemed made just for my boy who loves the mountains, so instead of the post I had planned for today, I'm sharing the page and … Continue reading Financial thoughts on turning 25