Hey, everyone!  While I’m hoping to get a new video up soon on Military Money Minute, I wanted to take a couple minutes to tell you about new places you can find me:

  • The Army Emergency Relief (AER) organization is starting a blog!  I will be a regular contributor — check out my first post here.
  • Military Saves Week has become Military Saves Month!  I am collaborating with a new colleague to create video content focused on the #MSM2020 weekly themes.  This newly expanded event will run through the month of April in conjunction with Financial Literacy Month.
  • A network is born!  I’m happy to be part of a great group of fee-only XYPN advisors who have joined forces to give military families a convenient place to find a financial advisor who understands their language of pays, benefits, and acronyms.  Find the Military Financial Advisors Association here.
  • Finally, I will be featured soon on a podcast hosted by a longtime peer in the military financial planning world, Lacey Langford.  Check out all the good work she does by listening in to The Military Money Show.

Whew, no wonder my head is spinning as we head into March!  Say “yes” to something this month.  If your new adventure is taking charge of your financial future, give me a call to help you get focused!

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