The bright spot of the day for some of us is the extension for filing and paying 2019 taxes.  See this document for more details on how this affects you.

If you are expecting a refund, by all means still file as soon as possible and get your money back in your bank account.

If you knew you were going to owe Uncle Sam, then hold off on filing and paying until closer to the new deadline.  Keep needed cash in your pocket as long as possible.

If you are facing reduced income, be sure to adjust all tax withholding accordingly.  This calculator can help.

If you were still needing to find a tax professional for help with filing and not finding one who still had availability, you might be in luck with this extension.  Reach out again.

If you are a military family looking for free online tax prep or wanting to find a virtual preparer, please send me a message for more information.

If you have other personal finance questions that need answers, please schedule a free call with me using this link.

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