Our 1st financial planning conversation

You know you really could use some professional financial advice.

You finally clicked on my calendar link and scheduled that Get-To-Know-You meeting.

So, now what?

Just like I hope you would never buy a car without going for a test drive, the same is true when you are going to trust someone with your financials and all the information that goes along with that.  However, our first meeting will not look like a trip to the dealership in these ways:

  • I don’t need your driver’s license or a credit report.  I will ask who is part of your household and if there are other people in your life for whom you have some financial responsibility.
  • I won’t pressure you to “buy today”.   I want you to ask all your questions — about me, about my services, about my fees.  And then I want you to think about it.  This will be an ongoing relationship, not part of a monthly sales quota.
  • I won’t make lots of annoying follow-up calls or send too many emails after our meeting.  You have enough to think about without me adding to the noise.
  • I do not represent just one make or model.  In fact, I do not represent any one brand or company.  I am a completely independent, commission-free advisor.  We will explore all the possibilities — a kind of personal Kelley Blue Book!

I look forward to hearing your story & being part of it.

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