I know most folks who read my blog are not Medicare eligible.  However, most of you know someone who is, and that person may need your help to maximize the Medicare benefit they receive and improve their household’s bottom line.

The biggest recurring medical expense for many over age 65 is prescription drugs.  Medicare Part D plans do not all charge the same amount for the same drug.  If prescription drug expenses for you or your favorite senior citizen have become a source of stress, please use this tool to compare Part D options in your area and make any new election by Dec 7th.

Medical needs change over time, and general Medicare plan choices should be reviewed each year as well.  For more detailed information about making the best overall Medicare choices, you can get state specific information and in-person assistance here.

If managing personal finance is becoming more complicated for you or your favorite senior, please get in touch with me here.  I’m happy to share other thoughts and resources that might lighten the load!

Have a great day!

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