I know that somewhere on the ASU campus (#1 in innovation, 5 years running), my college freshman daughter is either rolling her eyes or giving me a virtual high five as she reads this blog.

I now have a YouTube channel called Military Money Minute.  (Go ahead, hit the link, check it out!)

If the topics resonate with you, please consider subscribing and/or sharing it with friends.  If you have suggestions for future videos, let me know!

I am not going to brag about my perfectly polished content.  However, I decided to take a page out of my own advice book and do something in the spirit of moving forward rather than still thinking about doing something at the end of the day/week/month/year.

Our personal finances can be like that.  Sometimes we get bogged down in trying to decide what is the best course of action and fail to take any positive action at all.  Maybe you are married with a couple kids and know you need some life insurance.  You don’t know if you need term or whole life.  You don’t know how much or how long or who or what it is really for.  So you wait until you answer all your own questions.  And you wait and wait and wait…

Maybe the next, best step is to just get a basic, inexpensive, modest term life policy that is cancellable when you get to the NEXT, best step.

Or substitute “life insurance” with saving for retirement, paying for college, attacking debt, etc, etc, etc…

Put another $20 a month into your employer’s retirement plan, or the 529, or toward the credit card balance until you have a next, best step worked out.

And so that is how I have a YouTube channel this week and not next week.  Or next year.

Thank you Annika and Greg and Sophia — you collectively pushed me off the cliff, which  turned out not to be a cliff but a spot with a great view that helped me see the next best step!

If you need someone to hold you accountable for taking the next step in your financial life, schedule a free consult with me here.

Have a great day!

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