Today is the official launch of a new organization:

Military Financial Advisors Association

We are dedicated to bringing comprehensive financial planning to active duty and reserve service members and their spouses, as well as veterans of all ages. All advisors are fee-only planners whose practices operate under a fiduciary oath: your best interests are first at all times.

Too often military and veteran households are seen as only potential product sales targets with guaranteed steady paychecks. Financial advisors often fail to ask enough questions about the pays and benefits you have earned while serving your country to give advice that is uniquely tailored to incorporating them. An advisor who tells you to shun TSP or purchase large life insurance policies may be more interested in their commission than in your financial wellbeing. There are many companies who claim to be “military friendly”, but “friendly” does not mean “serving your best interest”. It may only mean they have streamline business processes for selling to you.

If you have personal finance questions that need a professional answer and are unsure where to start, schedule a free introductory planning session with me.

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